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Many restaurants have their own take on this recipe, but we’re confident that ours is the best, always prepared to perfection. Share it with friends or have it all to yourself—you’ll enjoy it till the very last bite.

Our food doesn't just taste good, but is good for you. Come in today, and see how much better you feel after tasting a meal. All of our food is made fresh, with no added preservatives.Yes we provide food services, but more importantly we offer everyone that comes through our doors a great experience they can't forget.

Sham managed to put a new spin on an old classic. Simplicity is the name of the game: we use fresh ingredients and offer a variety of extras on the side. Are you ready for this culinary sensation?

Chicken Sham Special.jpg

Sara Cheng (Blogger)

"Very Great experience trying Syrian cuisine for the first time! The Shawarma was very delicious with a nice crisp to the sandwich! the falafel was also very. fresh and tasty. I would love to go back soon!"


''100% the best Shawarma/Kabab we have ever had not only in Canada, but. all around the world! Service was genuine and on point, certainly doesn't feel transactional and it is conveniently located. Ask for their house crispy bread and Mtabal on the side and thank me later:) I am soo happy and proud that Sham Restaurant is in out city.''

Brian Lee

"I discovered this hidden gem by my work place and decided to give it a try, and boy was I just blown away. I ordered the donair platter and the rice was well sesoned and the potatoes just had the right amount of crisp. Usually shawarma joints add that sweet sauce for donair meat, but this one added a balsamic vinegar to it which I found intriguing. Overall, ws very pleased with my lunch time experience and would definitely go back! Oh yeah, and before I forget, they have a secret menu that you need to ask for! What<s on it, I won't disclose so you have to find out yourself."
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